Join The Marianas Trench Street Crew!

hey guys,if you like pop punk, then i really recommend you check out this band from Vancouver called Marianas Trench. They've got two albums out…
justabit May 06, 2010


me and InnerPartySystem at Warped Tour 09. they were so nice!!!
justabit Aug 14, 2009
This Is How I'm Supposed To Bepic

This Is How I'm Supposed To Be

ok, so this is a Green Day logo + a Green Day lyric. i drew it myself, scanned it, and fiddled with it for a…
justabit Jul 25, 2009

Green Day Info: Written in 1989 by Green Day

To raise spending money for the tour, Mike shucked clams, Billie joe flipped pizzas, and John drove a diaper truck.Mike and Billie went on the…
justabit Jul 21, 2009

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justabit Jul 18, 2009


holi fuck! it was the best concert EVER.!!!! why? 1.tre and mike arrived on mopeds 2. Billie Joe was there 3. there was a giant drunk pink bunny 4.Billie…
justabit Jul 18, 2009
justabit Jun 22, 2009


well then. what should i put here?i don't know. i guess something interesting. but you see, nothing interestng happens around me, so i can't really help…
justabit Apr 28, 2009

my twitter account. nothing more. nothing less. yeah...
justabit Apr 16, 2009
justabit Apr 14, 2009


hey, so i know i haven't posted a journal in a while, but i've been crazy busy. i guess the best thing that's happened to…
justabit Apr 14, 2009
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i hate high school. seriously. i have an account on, that's why there's never anything here. just 2 let pple know.
justabit Feb 17, 2009


hello. in case you haven't looked at my profile, here are some things you should know about me. i complain. a lot. the majority of…
justabit Jan 11, 2009
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i like music, especially alternative rock and pop. i read alot, and i like writing. i write very long blogs, and i like to complain. someday, i want to be either an actress or in a band. that's probably 2 much info.


Music, Writing, Reading, Acting

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fall out boy, marianas trench, ashlee simpson, the killers, linkin park, my chemical romance, enrique iglesias, taking back sunday, cobra starship, hey monday

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the dark knight, x-men origins:wolverine, angels and demons

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degrassi: the next generation, gossip girl, mod

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too long to type here